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It takes 5 seconds for an online user to decide whether to stick around a website or leave. The fact that you're still reading this means that something on here is interesting enough. Internet. It's one of the things we do.

Internet things

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There's not much to be said about Audi other than they keep on providing the best briefs in the world, and that they have the best agency in the world. Probably the nicest client on the planet. Too much gets done to itemise here, so if in need of more info, get in touch.

Audi things

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No project is ever complete without that all important icing, which in our world is a final layer of post production polish. Like a headache tablet, it just makes everything better.

CGI things

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This one took 2 years to complete. 2 years of character design, animation, writing, storyboarding, audio and sfx design, and then getting paid for it. What's not to like about that?

Nestle things

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Comedy Central wouldn't be the same without theProject, and theProject wouldn't be the same without Comedy Central. Nuff said. More info on request.

Comedy things

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From global broadcast stages seen by millions, to internal corporate workshops. We direct, write and create content to entertain.

Direction things

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Music. From producing content for the MTV's of this world, to writing songs of our own, for various clients and stages, we've been there, we know the space, and we're probably better at it than most. No lies.

Music things

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The most analytical part of what we do. Want your product / brand to work on social? If it's good, it will, but we're good at making it go that extra mile, for that added reach when it matters most. It's all about the audience. And we know audiences.

Social things

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Design. The underbelly of everything of we do. If it isn't nice looking, it isn't nice. There's a few trophies somewhere in the office which are a testament to this. We don't do awards. But someone gave us a few anyway. We love design. And design loves us.

Pretty things

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We don't do yoga at sunset, we don't quote our founders or enter random award ceremonies. We don't write white papers for recognition from "peers". We don't do drinks on Fridays, or forced team building socials. We don't get paid to attend 'networking' sessions and pointless seminars.

Looking for flash mobs, Instawalks and 'going viral'? Then we're not the kind of a business you should partner up with. You probably won't find us on Google and if you do, you won't find a favorite quote forced from each of our employees or fabricated client testimonials with lots of awesome adjectives.

Because we're not like everybody else. We do real work, for real people, with real results. We are creatives. We are designers. We are strategists. Entertainers. Production experts. We are theProject, and we love big ideas.

thanks for making it this far. let's talk.


Thanks for reaching out. We'll do our best to get back to you at some point in the near future. Until then, you're the best!